Sugamya Digital Foundation

Sugamya Digital Foundation is the philanthropic wing of Sugamya Digital Solutions. It is the group of Sugamya digital associates that provides voluntary services to marginalised persons with disabilities and non profit organizations working for empowerment of persons with disabilities. Sugamya Digital Solutions excuse working hours of such volunteers and encourage them as subatical assignment for short time.

  • Volunteers spread awareness in government, non government and corporate organizations about benefits of accessibility compliance to the individuals with disabilities by conducting sensitization talks and voluntarily assist academic institutions where number of students with disabilities are large and NGOs working for welfare of persons with disabilities to achieve accessibility compliance in their web services.
  • Volunteers also assist organizations to make their workplace and work culture accessible for individuals with disabilities and support them for making equal opportunity employers.
  • They provide guidance and counsling to students with disabilities, train them for the use of computer aided assistive technologies assist them in installation, configuration and setting of various assistive technologies like screen readers, screen magnifyers, scanning and reading technologies, speech recognition technologies etc in their machines.
  • They provide help to the students with disabilities to create accessible course material in electronic and audio format. Help them in writing their exams as a scribes.
  • Every year as a part of CSR activity, Sugamya Digital foundation assist 5 organizations to make their website accessibility compliant. Such organizations should have positive impact on the life of individuals with disabilities.