About Us

Digital accessibility is a major issue for persons with disabilities and for economically and demographically marginalized people, especially in developing countries like India. Sugamya digital is set up with a single minded devotion to provide access consulting and digital compliance services affordable to small scale industries and nonprofit organizations like universities and colleges to bring community services to marginalized people in the society.

We work for the implementation of various national and international accessibility standards and guidelines in web, desktop, mobile and cloud applications. Our accessibility services are not limited to persons with disabilities but also for all others in the way of search engine optimization, compatibility of applications running in low bandwidth, cross browser and cross device compatibility of web based applications. Our business also focus on development of academic ERP and E-learning solution, ERP solution for small enterprises, office automation, health care and clinic management solutions, android application designing and development etc.

We are committed to our clients to provide successful and timely delivery of project and value our vision and mission.


Provide digital access to all regardless of physical ability, age, and ethnicity, and economical status, geographic and demographic background.


Create inclusive society where all people have comparable access to digital world.

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar

Chief Mentor ravindra.nandedkar@sugamyadigital.com

Dr. Nandedkar is renowned business professional and disability activest in Maharashtra who has started and mentoring several businesses. He is persons with multiple disabilities and actively involved in disability rights and advocacy of accessibility compliance for persons with disabilities, he is recepient of National Role Model award for empowerment of persons with disabilities in 2008 by government of India, Udyog Ratna award by government of Maharashtra in 2015 amongst few. Despite of his multiple disability,he has done his Masters in Pharmacy, M.D. in alternative medicine, diploma in computer application, and bachelors in LAW. He is one of the major stakeholders of the company and specifically handeling business development and general administration of Sugamya digital solutions.

Mr. Ramesh P. Bhole

Board Of Director ramesh.bhole@sugamyadigital.com

Mr. Ramesh Bhole is retired government officer from Ordnance Factory Varangaon. He has over 30 years experience of handling technical team in large government organization. He has responsibility of handling office administration, accounts and finance operation of the company.

Mrs. Vijaya H. Bharambe

Board of Director vijaya.bharambe@sugamyadigital.com

Ms. Vijaya is young, dynamic and self motivated IT professional who has done her masters in Electronics from North Maharashtra University Jalgaon. She has a responsibility of general administration of the company.

Mr. Sandeep Morajkar

Board of Director sandeep.morajkar@sugamyadigital.com

Mr. Sandeep is a renowned entrepreneur from Goa having restaurant and transportation business. He is professional soft skill trainer and motivational speaker. He is late blind person who served as an Executive VP of Junior Chambers international. He is handling HR and Admin operations of the company.

Mr. Dhananjay Bhole

Non Executive Director dhananjay.bhole@sugamyadigital.com

Mr.Dhananjay Bhole is an IAPP Certified accessibility professional and having over 10 years of experience of access consulting in government and corporate organization. He is working with SPPU as a Coordinator of Centre for Inclusive Education and Accessibility. He has initiated accessibility research at the university. He has done M.Sc in Bioinformatics from Pune University, MBA(HR) from North Maharashtra University and pursuing doctoral Research in academic accessibility. He is recipient of national role model award for empowerment of persons with disabilities from Government of India,NCPEDP universal design award and many more national and international recognitions. In order to commercialize accessibility compliance and implement accessibility for the welfare of individuals with disabilities. He is working as an advisery role in the company and acting as non executive director. He is mainly responsible for handling technical operations and project delivery for the SDS in his time .

Dr. Shrirang Sahasrabuddhe

Chief Technical Adviser shrirang.sahasrabuddhe@sugamyadigital.com

Dr. Shrirang is having over 15 years of experience in Digital accessibility. He is visually impaired IT professional who worked as web accessibility lead with Infosys labs, Pune for 11 years. Then he join PhD in information systems from University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA. He has authored several research papers in the area of web accessibility and accessible computing. He is recipient of universal design award from NCPEDP. He is handling technical operation of the company and responsible for Quality assurance.

Technical Team

Sugamya digital has enthusiastic, young, dianamic, yet experienced dedicated technical team of IT professionals in which almost all are post graduate in, science, technology and engineering and few of them are graduate. We have a team of 8 full time, part time and consultant accessibility engineers in which 3 are end users with disabilities. Also We have another team of 7 web and mobile application developers in which 4 are project interns.

Accessibility Team

Name Degree Designation
Mrs. Hemangi Rane MCA Senior accessibility engineer
Ms. Minal Barhate M.Sc Accessibility engineer
Mrs. Tanuja Dhake MCA Accessibility engineer
Ms. Ashwini Khadke M.Tech Accessibility engineer
Ms. Tejaswini Bhalekar M.Com. Accessibility tester.
Mr. Milind Chaudhari MCA Accessibility engineer
Ms. Rashmi Barhate MCA Accessibility engineer
Ms.Dipali Patil MCA Accessibility engineer
Mrs Minal Bhole B.E Accessibility engineer

Application Developement Team

Name Degree Designation
Mrs. Yogita Patil M.Sc. Senior Web developer
Mrs. Monika Patil B.E Web developer
Mr. Devendra Barhate MCA Web developer
Mr. Kunal Attarde MCA Web developer